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The Nepalese footwear company Goldstar Shoes is undergoing a digital makeover as per the consumers’ demands and the development of technology. It is the first e-commerce site in Nepal that was specifically introduced by a brand, bringing the digital and physical worlds together. 

In the Goldstar Shoes App, you can find all kinds of Goldstar Shoes (Sports Shoes, Formal Shoes, Party Shoes, and Casual  Wear) from different Goldstar Brands like Goldstar G10 Series, Goldstar Classic, Republic Leather, Haathi, and Vida. 

Buy your favorite Goldstar Shoes with just one click. For that, visit to sign up and be a part of the Goldstar Shoes family!

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Why Goldstar Shoes?

  • Provides you a complete catalog of Goldstar Shoes with the price on your fingertip

The entire inventory from various Goldstar Shoes brands (Goldstar G10 Series, Goldstar Classic, Goldstar PU, Republic Leather, and others) is available in the Goldstar Shoes app. 

You can get all the details—including the shoe’s color, size, cost, and design elements—with just one click. 

The Goldstar Shoes App has categorized different subheadings for more ease i.e, Popular Brands, Today’s Special, Featured Categories, Newest, Trending Styles, New Arrivals, Arrivals, and Popular products. For instance, in the Trending Styles category, you can see many Goldstar Shoes which are on trends like Goldstar G10-G401, G10 G1301, and more.

  • Goldstar Shoes offers and discounts 

Goldstar Shoes always bring intriguing new offers and discounts. To receive the benefit, all you have to do is apply for the coupon. 

(Note: A valid coupon is required.)

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  • Delivery on time at the right place

In terms of keeping commitments, Goldstar Shoes has never fallen short. In this digital world, we promise to deliver the ordered goods promptly to the specified address. Delivery time and charges vary depending on where you are.

Inside the Kathmandu Valley, Goldstar Shoes deliver items within a day (in case of emergency, it may take up to 2-3 days), and outside of the valley, it may take up to 3-4 days depending on the location.

In the Kathmandu Valley, the delivery charge is just Rs. 69 and Rs. 149 elsewhere. 

(Note: For orders originating from outside the Valley, pre-payment is necessary). 

  • Best return and Exchange Policies

Goldstar Shoes deliver the exact products as shown on the website, in case of defective products, customers can return the goods without damaging the property (packaging box, tags, etc.) 

The return of products should be applied within the 7 days of order but refunds are not available. We have an exchange offer for those damaged products with a new one. This policy is only applicable to partial buyers.

How to return the damaged products?

Return/exchange of products while shopping is one of the troublesome tasks, but it’s not the same while buying from Goldstar Shoes. All you need to do is contact Goldstar Shoes and proceed with the suggested process. Our logistic team will pick up the damaged products and exchange it for a new one.

If our team couldn’t pick up the product, you can drop the product to the affiliated Goldstar Shoes showroom that is nearest to your location and assign the task to them.

  • No hidden charges

While going through the ordering process in Goldstar Shoes, you will see the total amount with the delivery charge. There will be no extra charges apart from that!


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