Are you looking to go for Langtang Trek? Do you want to know Langtang trekking cost?

Langtang Valley Trek is one of the most beautiful trekking in Nepal. The Langtang valley trek, Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, Langtang Helambu Trek in the region are among the most amazing and underappreciated treks in Nepal. Surrounded by amazing vista, Langtang trek offers a serene environment to the trekkers. The astonishing view of the majestic Himalayas and the unique trekking trails make the Langtang a desirable trek in Nepal.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about Langtang trekking cost by answering the following the questions in detail.

  1. Langtang trek cost when you book via travel/trekking companies
  2. Langtang trek cost when you organize your trek independently hiring guide and porter
  3. Pro and Cons of organized trek through companies or independent treks.
  4. How can you reduce the cost of your Langtang trekking

Langtang Trekking Cost

If you are planning to trek in the Langtang region of Nepal and you have no idea of where to start you will have two options for Langtang trekking. The first option is booking trekking via trekking agencies for Langtang Trek. And second option is to organize your own trek independently hiring or even not hiring guide and porters.

Option one

Langtang Trekking through trekking companies

When you type “Langtang trek in Nepal”, you will immediately see many local Nepal companies and international travel/trekking companies offering Langtang trek in Nepal. You will also see online platforms like, book mundi, tour radar, trip advisor etc (where you can see, compare price and read reviews of many companies offering Langtang trekking in Nepal. Basically you will have two choices.  

  • Booking via Local Nepali Trekking Companies Booking via international travel/trekking companies
  • Booking via online platform like travellersquest, book mundi, trip advisor etc.

Langtang Trek Package Cost

Langtang trek package cost includes almost all the basic requirements once you have arrived in Nepal. All the costs needed to reach Nepal have to be covered by you such as International flight tickets, VISA fee, and insurance if you take any. Apart from these costs, most of the packages from the trekking companies cover food, accommodation, travel, permit, and trekking expenses. The trekking gears are mostly loaned by the trekking companies and if you wish to keep the trekking gears, you will have to buy those gears by yourself.

The package cost depends upon the Langtang trek itinerary. Various companies offer the services at various rates. The best way to find the good package is research. You can go to the company’s websites and check out the Langtang Trekking Cost along with the “include and exclude “section. This way you will be able to figure out the best Langtang Trek Package Cost.

The booking process is similar for both local and international tour and trekking companies. You can send in for inquiry through their websites, then you will be contacted back, and hence you can book your trip.

Option Two:

Langtang Trekking Cost for Independent Trekkers

If you do not want to arrange your Langtang trek through trekking companies, you can also do it independently. When you book your trip through companies you pay one time fee and they arrange food, accommodation, transportation, and guide/porter.

But when you arrange your trip independently, you can also do so. While doing it you need to pay for everything.  Let’s discuss each cost in detail.

  • Food
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation
  • Guide and Porter
  • Permits
  • Cost due to variation in trekking trails
  • Langtang Trek Itinerary

Langtang trek Food Cost

When you go for the trek, you will find small restaurants and cafes on the trekking trails. At the higher altitude, tea houses are available. These places usually serve healthy and hygienic food, snacks, and drinks. Daal, Bhat, Tarkari, and Chutney is the standard lunch and dinner set served in these restaurants and tea houses at the higher altitude.

The food cost on the Langtang Trek increases with the increasing altitude. This is because of the lack of transportation and market. Generally, the food in the higher altitude and the tea houses during the Langtang Trekking cost around $20 – 30 per day. The meal during the Langtang trekking cost around $5 – 7 per plate. 2 meals a day along with drinks, snacks, and breakfast during the Langtang Trek will cost around $20 – $30 as mentioned above.

To minimize the Langtang Trek Food cost we recommend that you bring some light energy food with you which are easy to carry. While you are on the trek, you can have them before getting to a tea house or a restaurant.

You can easily get bottled mineral water for $.25-$1 in Kathmandu, given that the price differs on the basis of local and international brands. In the higher altitudes, during the Langtang trek water bottle cost around $2 – $4.

We also recommend that you bring bottled water with yourself to minimize the Langtang Trek drinks cost. You can also directly fill your water bottles from Himalayan waterfalls, taps, and streams on the trails. You can use a local or cost effective purifier or a purifying tablet as the water already is in pure form coming out from these sources.

Sample food cost

Breakfast, lunch, dinner (Per day): $20 – $30

Water bottle: $2 -$4

Langtang Trek Accommodation Cost

When you are on the Langtang valley Trek, you will get tea house accommodations on the trails. These tea houses are cheap. The Langtang Trek Accommodation cost in these tea houses is about $2 – $5. During the peak season, the Langtang trek accommodation cost is bit higher around $5 a night and during the off season, the cost is around $2 – $3.

Sample accommodation cost of Langtang trek

Tea house: $2 – $5

Langtang Trek Transportation Cost

Various modes of transportation are available from Kathmandu for the Langtang Trek. You can choose the transportation means depending upon your budget. The modes of transportation will have a direct effect on your Langtang Trekking Cost.

Local Buses

For the cheapest Langtang Trek transportation cost, you will have to travel in the local buses. From Kathmandu, you can travel directly to Syabrubesi which is the ideal place to start the Langtang trek. It is a 10 hour journey and it will cost you around $3 – $4 per person.

If you want to spend less on your Langtang Trek transportation cost then taking a local bus is the most ideal choice for you.

Tourist Buses

Tourist buses are much more comfortable means of transportation than the local buses. Tourist buses are luxury bus. Travel for the Langtang trek in tourist buses cost around $10 -$15 per person. You will have to book these buses in advance.

Taxi or Cabs

Taxi or a cab is the most expensive means of transportation. Your Langtang Trekking prices will increase by around $100 if you travel by taxi from Kathmandu to the starting point of the Langtang Trek.

Private Jeeps

Private Jeeps are available which accommodates around 6 – 8 person. The Langtang trekking transportation cost via jeep is around $10 per person. But the jeep rides are bit bumpy.

You can choose any modes of transportation. In order to minimize your Langtang trek transportation cost we recommend you take either local buses or the tourist buses if you want a cost effective luxury ride.

Sample prices

Local Bus:  $4 – $5

Tourist Bus: $10 – $15

Private Jeep: around $10

Taxi:  around $100

Langtang Trek Guide/Porter Cost

You can go for the Langtang Trek with or without a guide. Langtang Trekking guide cost around $22 – $25 per day while the Langtang Trek porter cost around $15 – $18 per day.

When you hire a Langtang Trek guide or a porter, you make sure to check their credentials. You should only hire a licensed guide or a porter.

Langtang trek isn’t that hard and if you want to minimize your Langtang Trekking cost then you should for the Langtang Trekking without a guide.

If you are a first time trekker then we recommend that you take guide and if you are an experienced trekker then you can easily for the Langtang trekking without a guide. You should hire a porter based on your physical abilities.

Langtang Trek Permit Cost

Nepal Government has established two different permits as necessity for the Langtang trek. Both of the permits are mandatory for the trekkers.

The two permits are:


TIMS stands for trekker’s information management system. It is compulsory for all the trekkers or visitors, either national or foreign. The Langtang trek TIMS Card cost $20 per person.

Langtang National Park Entry Permit

Langtang National Park Entry Permit is a necessity as it is on the way of the trail. It is the route for the Langtang Trek. The National Park Entry Permit during the Langtang Trekking cost $30 per person.

You can acquire both of these permits from Nepal Tourism Board in Kathmandu before commencing for the Langtang Valley trek.

Porters and the local guides do not need to pay for the permit. Your Langtang Trekking Cost doesn’t include the permits cost of the porters and the guide. 

You need to carry these permits along with you all the time during the trek. If you are trekking without the permits, you will have to buy them on the checkpoints and you will be charged more than the usual price. If you want to minimize the Langtang Trek Cost even by a small amount, we recommend that you take the permit along with you all the time.

Langtang Trek Cost due to the variation in the trekking trails

There are various routes in the Langtang region. The Langtang Trekking cost depends upon the route and the trail you take. There is Langtang Valley Trek, Langtang Gosaikunda Trek, and Langtang Helambu Trek.

Langtang trek cost due to the itinerary

Langtang trekking cost depends upon the number of days you are on the trek. You might go for Langtang Trek for 7 days or Langtang Trek for 5 days. Depending upon the number of the days your Langtang trekking cost also will be affected.

Langtang Trek VISA Cost

Every foreign national except for the Indian Nationalities must have a VISA for travelling to Nepal. Tourist visas for the Langtang Trekking cost US$25/40/100 which is valid for 15/30/90 days and is available on arrival.

How can you minimize your Langtang Trekking Cost?

Every trekker wants to trek in a low budget as far as possible. Here are some tips you can use to minimize your Langtang Valley Trek Cost.

  • There are a lot of retailers in Thamel where you can buy or rent the trekking equipment for the Langtang trek at a reasonable price. They might not be long-lasting for years of trekking but works well in the context of trekking in Nepal for few times. So, instead of investing in costly equipment you can buy or rent these trekking gears.
  • In the higher altitude during the Langtang Valley trek, you might have to pay as well to charge your phones, camera battery, or other electronic equipment. So, it’s a cost-effective idea to bring a solar charger or power bank.
  • Pack your bag smartly. Carry the things that are necessary for you. If you pack light, you can carry your bag yourself. This will save the money which you’ll pay for the porter.
  • Trekking with a professional guide is a good decision as they know the cost of things, so you don’t have to pay a high amount. You have to pay for the guide but it has its own benefits.
  • Since along the trail, there are few ATMs so bring enough money in cash. As sometimes you have to pay in dollars or rupees. So, it best to have a mix of dollars and Nepali rupees.
  • At the higher elevation, the chocolate bars, chips, and soft drinks are a little expensive than in Kathmandu valley. So, it’s good to have some as it helps reduce your Langtang trekking cost.
  • You should bring your own teabags if you want to have some on the higher levels as the price of the tea bags and coffee in the higher altitude is high.

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