top10 bba colleges in nepal

The BBA course is the gateway to numerous career opportunities in a host of sectors such as marketing, education, finance, sales, and government projects. Of course, You are exploring the best college of BBA to fulfill the criteria of your dream college.

We are trying to list some Top colleges, where you can get a quality education with a lot of services and facilities. Here is a list of Top 10 BBA colleges in Nepal, try to fetch it all.

Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM)


Every student needs to explore college for higher studies after intermediate level but they were fatigued while searching for their dream college for their dream subject. If you are searching for the best BBA College in Nepal, you may find KUSOM in your 1st priority order.

The Kathmandu University School of Management was established in 1993 which was located in Balkumari, Lalitpur, affiliated with Kathmandu University of Dhulikhel. Since its inception, the college has produced high-quality and market-responsive management graduates through its popular MBA and EMBA programs. These college-provided programs are widely recognized as permission to have a successful career in the field of management.

KUSOM has worked alongside a number of private sector management development providers and are known as the pioneers of BBA and BBIS undergraduate management programs.

KUSOM also started the Graduate Security Management (PGDSM) course, which was the first program in all of South Asia.  Some of the programs offered in bachelor’s and master’s degrees are BBA, BBIS, BHTM, MBA, EMBA, and MSM.

In addition to these, KUSOM also conducts a research program in Philosophy. KUSOM leads the way, as it has in the past, to professionalize management and develop successful professional careers. KUSOM is and remains – at the forefront of management.

KUSOM by par eligible to feature in our list of top 10 BBA colleges in Nepal.


Good management is the key factor in today’s world, whether it is to run the hospital, the company or even the country successfully. KUSOM, being a post-experience executive education program, provides a lot of information to improve and update management knowledge and skills for practical application.

After having medical educational exposure in many countries around the world, this course at KUSOM is expected to enrich students’ knowledge in management, which is a completely new field for students.

The program at KUSOM has been difficult but educational and helpful to me in every sense of the word. Every night and every minute spent working hard on assignments has been fruitful. Personally, I feel like it has helped shape my career and my personality. The overall program has been designed keeping in mind the improvement of each manager who wants to excel in their respective fields. Every moment has been worth it!!!

Academic Programs

  1. BBA (Hons) / BBA (Emphasis)
  2. Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  4. Degree in Business Information System (BBIS)
  5. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Management
  6. Executive MBA
  7. Master of Administration
  8. Master in Security Management (MSM)
  9. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  10. Master’s in Public Policy and Management
  11. Postgraduate Diploma in Management
  12. Postgraduate Diploma in Security Management

Mission and Vision

The School’s Vision is to become one of the top twenty management schools in South Asia by the year 2022, while continuing to be the leader in management development in the country.

Within these areas, the School aims to achieve the following mission:

  1.  Preparation of professionals for the management career
  2.  Professional enrichment of leaders and entrepreneurs of change
  3.  Support for organizational change
  4.  Generation and dissemination of management knowledge
  5.   Continuous improvement of institutional performance and image.


  1. To provide various high-quality undergraduate and graduate courses along with research degree programs, as well as regular diploma programs and graduate diploma programs.
  2. Meeting the needs of highly trained security managers for a better security environment in industry, business and development sectors and has done so successfully over the years.
  3. To improve the practice and profession of management for development by creating quality and relevant opportunities to learn, know, discover and apply the best in management.

Facilities and Services

KUSOM has several facilities for students, many of whom choose to live nearby and at the college itself. The college offers separate shelters for boys and girls with quality housing. There are 24-hour electricity facilities along with adequate toilets and toilets. There are cafeterias and dining rooms serving 3-course meals based on student requirements.

There are also pitch and grounds to practice sports such as football and volleyball and other games such as table tennis, basketball, etc. The affordable cost of studying at the college coupled with the high-quality facilities and faculty members provided by the college makes living and studying at KUSOM a joyous experience. 

Scholarship Scheme

Juddha Bahadur Scholarship

This scholarship is paid from the interest earned from the fund donated by Mr. Juddha Bahadur Shrestha. One or more students receive this scholarship which implies the total or partial exemption of tuition and other fees depending on the availability of money each year. The procedure followed is the same as in the case of the KU Grant.

Kathmandu College of Management (KCM)


Kathmandu College of Management was established in 1997. KCM features on 2nd spot on our list of top 10 BBA colleges in Nepal. This college mainly offers management courses. The management courses available at this college are Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Bachelor of Business Administration in Financial Banking. It is affiliated with Kathmandu University. This college is the first BBA College to be affiliated with Kathmandu University.

Kathmandu College of Management was established in 1997 and is located in Gwarko in Lalitpur, Nepal. There are five boards of directors. Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba is the president. Mr. Bishnu Raj Adhikari is the director of the college and also a member of the board of directors. Mr. Neel Kantha Upreti, Ms. Rekha Adhikari and Mr. Pratik Adhikari are also members of the board of directors.

There are some advisory tips on KCM. They are Prof. Dr. ACE. Narag, Prof. Dr. Ajay Pandit, Prof. Dr. Arindam Banerjee and Prof. Dr. Dharma PS Bhawuk. Kathmandu College of Management offers a good learning environment so that they can achieve good results in their degree. Graduate students had passed through the market to develop their careers. KCM has around 1,100 alumni of its graduate students. Kathmandu College of Management has its student council.

Kathmandu College of Management has only provided management courses in BBA-Marketing and BBA-Finance and Banking.

Academic Programs

  1. BBA Finance and Banking
  2. BBA Marketing


  1. Provide students with a platform for general development, with specific emphasis on co-curricular activities.
  2. To achieve this goal, KCM promotes and organizes various activities inside and outside the college.
  3. Promote a cooperative culture among students and improve their leadership skills.

Facilities and Services

Kathmandu College of Management has provided many facilities to its students. Some of them are virtual classrooms, computer labs, seminar rooms, parking lots, internships, etc. The college has a library containing more than 6000 textbooks, magazines, newspapers, etc. KCM provides the scholarship for hard working students. The Kathmandu College of Management Student Council also offers 4 scholarships of 20% of the annual tuition fees.

Scholarship Scheme

Scholarships awarded to students are the Best Council Member Scholarship, Platinum Excellence Scholarship, EPC Achievers Scholarship, and Management Appreciation Scholarship With a commitment to attracting the brightest talents to the International BBA program, Kathmandu College of Management has promised financial support for the great achievements of Underprivileged Origins.

The Swangsri Sivakriskul Jehendar Scholarship Program is a need-based endowment awarded for outstanding academic merit. Covers a full tuition waiver for students to have access to a satisfying learning environment, in the hope that students will contribute to their communities after graduation.

Little Angel’s College of Management (LACM)


LACM is also one of the reputed colleges for your dream faculty of BBA in Nepal. Little Angels ’ College is recognized as pioneers and leaders in the field of education committed to educating and transforming by inspiring. LACM started in 1981 as a small school in a rented house for sixty-day students, it has touched the lives of thousands of young minds, nurturing talents and helping students realize their true potential, the country and meet the demand for a hand of skilled work. LACM is the 3rd spot occupant on our list of top 10 BBA colleges in Nepal.

Little Angel’s College was launched with the aim of providing the human resources that would lead Nepal on a path of development in the current generation of an ever-changing business and technology environment. This college offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Information System (BBIS) and Bachelor of Hotel and Tourism Management (BHTM).

 The BBA, BBIS and BHTM programs are affiliated with the Kathmandu University (KU) in direct coordination with the Kathmandu University School of Management (KUSOM).

College has the reputation of being a pioneer in transforming and taking management education to a higher level in Nepal. Graduates from KUSOM and its affiliated institutions are highly valued by the business sector because of the practical approach to the learning process. Its graduates have excelled professionally in various corporate and social sectors here and abroad. This is the evidence of its excellence. This is not only due to their good academic performance, but also to their networking and socializing attitude. Today’s managers not only operate within the boundaries of a nation, but they also operate globally. They prepare their students to adapt to any cultural and business environment.

Currently, LACM offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Business Information System (BBIS), and Hotel and Tourism Management (BHTM) Bachelor’s degrees with the affiliation of Kathmandu University (KU).


The course faculty members are more than just teachers. BBA is an eight-semester academic program spanning four continuous years. It is a business orientation program designed to create business managers and entrepreneurs. It has a total of 120 credit hours with 3 credit hours per subject.

Core courses have 45 credits, core management courses have 48 credits, concentration courses have 12 credits, elective courses have 12 credits, and internships during the eighth semester will earn 3 credits with a minimum period of six weeks. It is designed to provide students with a broader and better perspective on the world, society, business, and life by combining the study of the social sciences and humanities with the study of business and management. Students must choose four courses equivalent to 12 credit hours from any of the concentration streams.

They highly recommend case study, group presentation, public speaking, peer learning, etc. They hold wrap-up sessions, in which students must present to the class the topics discussed in the session the day before. This helps students improve their presentation and speaking skills along with their note-taking ability. Your results have an impact during exams. They encourage students to have social events, educational and leisure trips, and informal interaction sessions for broader exposure and to instill the habit of socializing.

Academic programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Hospitality and Management
  3. Bachelor in Business of Information Systems

Vision and Mission

College vision is to create one of the best leading management and hospitality universities focusing on entrepreneurial and career-oriented programs in Nepal, with diversified students for quality education at an affordable price.

LACM is driven by a mission to provide students with the best knowledge, skills, and hands-on exposure they need to succeed and embrace in a comprehensive social work and educational setting.


  1. To Improve students speaking and presentation skills along with their note-taking ability.
  2. To Provide a platform for professionals, academics, researchers, and industrial practitioners to present their concepts and understanding of emerging management issues.
  3. To Develop a network among international professionals.
  4. To Develop candidates who possess administrative skills, analytical skills, problem-solving tools, and the professionalism required to run an organization effectively and efficiently in the corporate world.
  5. To Develop the habit of critical and creative thinking in students.
  6. To Develop analytical and problem-solving skills in students.
  7. To Improve students’ communication and presentation skills.
  8. Familiarize students with contemporary management concepts, tools and techniques.
  9. Deepen knowledge and sharpen the experience of students in a specific functional area.
  10. Prepare students as responsive and responsive citizens with a high degree of professional, social and ethical values.
  11. Prepare students for higher studies (master’s programs) in management, information systems, economics, and other relevant areas.

Facilities and Services

  1. Auditoriums
  2. Cafeteria
  3. Classrooms
  4. IT services
  5. Health services
  6. Library
  7. Sports
  8. Transportation
ACE Institute of Management


Are you exploring your dream college for BBA? You can choose ACE Institute of Management in your category. With the vision of enhancing the potential of individuals and institutions, the ACE Management Institute was founded in 1999 AD under Pokhara University. Being the first to offer an Executive MBA, ACE has created a success story in Nepal and hence qualifies to be on our list of top 10 BBA colleges in Nepal. Since its founding, ACE has believed in the work-ready graduates who are in high demand in this competitive age.

The passed-out graduates of the ACE Institute of Management are serving the nation through the different organizations they are involved in, they feel worthy of earning a degree through ACE which gives them the opportunity to learn about their hidden talents.

The majority of student’s rate ACE Institute of Management as the best option for management degrees. Including the core EMBA and MBA programs, ACE Institute of Management also offers highly demanded undergraduate programs such as BBA and BBA-BI. With 15 years of experience, ACE has its graduates on internships right after graduation as a result of their dedication and tireless effort.

With courses from A-Level to Master’s degrees, the ACE Institute of Management tends to have students focus on their overall development rather than a mere degree. In just six years, ACE A-level has established its own name in the educational field for its individual-centered teaching method that focuses on the mainstream of management and social science.

The ACE Management Institute values ​​students who are honest in their task and positive towards life. Only then will you see the pleasure of learning and using it for the good of people and you will certainly be able to achieve that success you dreamed of before you know it.

With the precept of respect for others, students have been given the opportunity to earn respect for themselves. Students are taught in such a way that they understand everything they learn and leave no doubt in any subject. Compared to students, faculty members are just as excited about teaching as students are about learning. It is quite interesting that in ACE neither the students get tired of questioning the things they don’t know nor the teacher gets bored of answering them.

Here students have the ability to lead their destiny instead of being guided by destiny. So, if you want to lead your destiny, ACE makes sure it’s the right platform for you. If you are a hard worker and have goals to meet or are still in a quandary, ACE welcomes students and promises to help them on the journey to discover their destined goal and help them achieve it.


To Sharpen the knowledge and skills of individuals and organizations to contribute to the development of the nation.

Why ACE?

For a more diversified education, the ACE Institute of Management will also invite professors from colleges and universities around the world. Still, you may have doubts about the purpose of your learning; For this, it presents the living examples of CEOs, senior managers and entrepreneurs who applied what they learned and, as a result, tasted the fruit of success.

This is not everything; the college conducts a competition from internal workshops to a national level competition where students can prove themselves nationally. With the goal of bringing out thoughtful and responsible managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs, ACE was established to provide full support to entrepreneurs and professionals to achieve the desired effective route to acquire and manage their resources. The ACE Management Institute feels that through knowledge, anyone can achieve success in their life if given the right direction.

So, if you’re hungry for success, ACE offers you the right path and direction. Embracing ACE’s beliefs will make you feel worthy of success if you follow through with dedication. Because everyone thinks and learns differently, ACE creates an environment in which everyone learns effectively. Adoption of such a teaching method has resulted in students learning more, encouraging them to continue learning on their lifelong journey and achieve great victories.

Academic programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI)
  3. Executive MBA
  4. Master of Business Administration (MBA)


  1. Encourage students to take responsibility for what they do and accept the mistake they made during learning and, instead of regret, help them learn from them and never make that mistake next time.
  2. Promote a learning environment where students learn an art of exploration to help them emerge as successful entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers.
  3. Teach students, the art of acquiring and optimizing the use of resources to promote entrepreneurship and professionalism.

Facilities and Services

Ace Institute has differentiated itself in several ways. Students will not only participate in regular lectures and student-provided assignments. They will also be organizing their own events, participating in various internal clubs created by the students. In addition, to nurture their knowledge, Ace Institute also invites professionals for guest lectures and workshops.

The college realizes that it is not only good for students to focus on a monotonous routine. To refresh the students, it also organizes walks, tours and industrial visits. Additionally, Ace Institute has maintained a good relationship with many large companies and helps them recruit new talent from the college.

Shanker Dev Campus (SDC)

Campus Overview

Shanker Dev Campus (SDC) was established in 1951 A.D. like Nepal National College, which was temporarily housed at Durbar High School and then Tri-Chandra College in Kathmandu. The name of the College was changed in 1973 AD. to Shanker Dev Campus following the government policy of merging it into Tribhuvan University and recognizing the contributions of Professor Shanker Dev Pant, primarily motivated by his missionary zeal, to purchase a site and erect a building for the college.

Shanker Dev Campus is one of the main affiliated campuses of Tribhuvan University, which is fully accredited by the college’s bachelor’s and master’s programs in business studies. Unsurprisingly, business and management students graduating from SDC represent about 25% of the total number of MBS students in Nepal. Due to this fact and the recognized quality education provided by Shanker Dev Campus, enrollment rates increase each year beyond capacity. Shanker Dev Campus offers high-quality management education and offers Bachelor and Master courses such as BBS, BBA, BIM, and MBM.

They are the academic department and the administration department. The academic department is further classified into the department of administration, accounting, finance, marketing and economics. These departments work on behalf of the operation and improvement of the academic sections of the campus.

Why SDC?

It has a fantastic record of providing an excellent education to students, and continues to retain these records to this day. There are many departments that are assigned for the continuous improvement of the academic quality of the campus. Students who come to study here can expect a high-quality education, and there are experienced teachers and professionals to help students choose the right path.

The BBA program is a valuable and practical means of earning a business qualification that provides exposure to the challenges of doing business in a global context.


  1. Prepare knowledgeable, skilled, confident and motivated professionals who will be able to perform competitively in modern-day organizations.
  2. Disseminate wide coverage of conceptual contributions and emphasize practical applications that familiarize students with the general functioning of organizations and their interactions with the total environment in which they operate.
  3. To emphasize on quality education and skills, and graduates of this college obtain a renowned management degree from Tribhuvan University (TU).
  4. To raise the level of higher education in the country, and despite being located in a busy area of ​​downtown, the college has a favorable environment, developing professional skills and enhancing the lifelong search for the acquisition of knowledge and ideas.

Academic Programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  3. Bachelor of Information Management (BIM)
  4. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  5. Master of Business Management (MBM)

Facilities and Services

Shanker Dev campus buildings are located downtown along a busy side street, between the Tukucha River and Putalisadak in the Kathmandu metropolis. Yet surprisingly, the college has a quiet environment where business students can study in peace and undisturbed. Planning for the Shanker Dev Campus has been followed annually since 1973 AD.

In addition to this, for artistic purposes, Shanker Dev Campus also has a beautiful fountain. As for extracurricular activities, students can play basketball or volleyball on the college court. There are stores throughout the college area that serve delicious and healthy food at affordable prices. Additionally, Shanker Dev Campus also has a library with various books and study resources where students can navigate to their heart’s content. All of these reasons make college an attractive and versatile place to pursue your administrative career.

Scholarship Scheme

Shanker Dev Campus makes a substantial number of scholarships available each year to needy and talented BBS students. There are additionally some other trust funds of varying amounts set up by Nepalese educators in their name, the net proceeds of which are awarded each year to those students who have achieved the best position or grades in BBS programs.

Nepal Commerce Campus (NCC)


Nepal Commerce Campus is also one of Nepal’s leading management colleges which was established in 2021 BS. Since its inauguration five decades ago, it has played an influential role in producing professional managers to meet the demand of the national and international market. With an affiliation to Tribhuvan University (TU), the campus is run by the Faculty of Management (FOM).

The Nepal Commerce Campus is located in New-Baneshwor, Kathmandu, and is hailed as one of the largest universities in the country providing quality education in the field of commerce.  NCC used to run two programs namely as Intermediate of Commerce and Bachelors of Commerce in its early days. However, at present Nepal Commerce Campus has phased out the intermediate level programs and is now proceeding with the general and professional management programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level with an affiliation under TU.

When the college was first conceived in 2021 BS, it had to overcome several of the obstacles faced by TU-licensed non-governmental organization (NGO) universities. Since it did not have its own building, the college used to teach its courses from Patan High School without hindering school activities with only two full-time faculties.

From that time on, the number of teachers has increased, and since the enactment of the National Education Module in the higher education system, Nepal Commerce Campus started industry, management, commerce and public administration programs under the name Patan Campus. In association with the academic stream of commerce, the college today covers the study of markets, commerce and public administration. The achievements have been the consequence of the contribution made by the leading team of professors, academics and academics.

Why NCC?

BBA was introduced in 2001 at the Nepal Commerce Campus with the aim of generating international standards graduates in the management education sector with applied philosophies and knowledge acquisition practices. In summary, the BBA program is aimed at producing socially impressionable, creative and well-rounded management professionals to meet the demand for mid-level management positions in the organization inside and outside Nepal.

Academic programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  2. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  3. Bachelor of Business Sciences (BBS)
  4. Bachelor of Information Management (BIM)
  5. Master of Business Management (MBM)


  1. Prepare students with the essential conceptual knowledge of business and management to build a management perspective, develop skills and attitudes to become competent business managers, and build a foundation for further study in the field of management to undertake careers in research and consulting. services.
  2. Help students to work as an adaptive administrator in the top-level management position in the organization, clearly in the functional areas of management. Upon completion of a course, students will be able to work as a manager in business, industry, government, and non-governmental organizations.
  3. Help prepare graduates to meet the challenges of the ever-growing knowledge economy.
  4. Welcome students to enroll in the BBA program so that they can explore and expand their knowledge / skills in the field of management through continuous interaction with professional and recognized academics.

Facilities and Services

The NCC library has a highly specialized collection of 65 thousand documents in the field of Management. The collection includes books, theses, periodicals. The collection grows at an average rate of 2000 volumes per year. There is a separate issues and references section to provide related services to users. The NCC library was established in conjunction with the establishment of the campus in 2021 BS. The NCC library is providing quality services to students, faculty, and academic researchers, supporting teaching, research, and other campus outreach programs.

Scholarship scheme for the BBA program

  1. 100% exemption from tuition for the first semester.
  2. Exemption from the 50% tuition fee for the second ornament.
  3. Exemption from tuition cost for four students between Dalits, Janajatis, Madhesis and remote areas.
  4. 50% of the total fee for six community college students and the school as per the dean’s office rules.
DAV College


DAV College, affiliated with Tribhuvan University, began running BBA and BBS programs in 2003. DAV College  cultivates its own teaching and learning culture building on existing pedagogy and bringing innovative methodologies. He places great importance on developing the research skills of his students. All DAV College  faculties are highly competent and familiar with the most up-to-date teaching pedagogy.

Since its installation, DAV. has been working incessantly to achieve its goal of improving the quality of education and delivering skilled labor for the development of the country. As it does so, the college remains consistently committed to its motto: “Eastern Heart and Western Mind.”

Students of college are encouraged to participate assertively in the classroom discussion with the subject teachers and to confidently share their ideas with each other and, after much contemplation and deliberation, to translate them into action.

The college regularly organizes guest lectures, seminars, simulations, image enhancement for the labor market, workshops, industrial visits, soft skills development programs, etc. They are case study teaching, report writing and presentation, the practical skills that students will draw on in their later professional careers.

DAV. College offers four-year (eight semester) BBA, BBM, and BBS courses at the undergraduate level. In addition, it also offers BCA from 2019 AD and B.Sc. Microbiology, B.Sc. Physics and B.Sc. Geology since 2014 AD with the affiliation of Tribhuvan University and Master of Business Studies (MBS).

Mission and Vision

DAV has its distinctive mission to provide an internationally recognized quality education to students. To realize that mission, this college tends to modify, modernize and update teaching approaches and methods over and over again. In doing so, this institution aspires to produce highly skilled human resources for the 21st century global market. Such an aspiration has a secret connection with offering students a technology-friendly education and instilling in them human ideals like humanity, humility, and love.

Academic Programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  2. Bachelor of Business Management (BBM)
  3. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
  4. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Microbiology
  5. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Physics
  6. Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Geology
  7. Master of Business Studies (MBS)


  1. Promote the essence of self-reliance, moral behavior and the delivery of duty.
  2. Provide a quality education focusing on a relationship between students, teachers and parents.
  3. Offer multiple opportunities in both business and banking.

Scholarship Scheme

  1. The CMAT topper and the upper secondary level board topper will earn a full scholarship in tuition and admission fees.
  2. The semester and annual exam student will receive a full scholarship for tuition for the next year or semester. Topper must obtain a minimum score of 3 GPA to validate the scholarship plan.
  3. Needy and deserving students will get a scholarship recommended by the College.

Facilities and Services

  1. DAV College of Management has its own separate IT department where students learn and discuss new technologies to be used in their curriculum.
  2. The computer lab is available with up-to-date hardware and software and high-speed Internet throughout the college with use of Wi-Fi. Cantina offers hygienic food at affordable prices.
  3. Transportation is provided by college bus.
  4. DAV College of Management has become spacious and with all the necessary reading materials for academic courses in the library. The library is responsible for providing up-to-date texts and reference books along with research journals and daily magazines.
  5. CCTV surveillance is installed in all college facilities to monitor each and every activity and if something wrong is captured, appropriate measures are taken.
  6. Internal assessments, presentations, and assignments help prepare and score higher on-board exams.
  7. Extracurricular activities such as basketball, soccer, cricket, table tennis, and badminton are available.
  8. There are also annual programs and visits to universities.
The South Asian Management Institute (SAIM)


Among your 10 dream Top BBA colleges in Nepal, South Asian Management Institute (SAIM) also falls under your category which is located in Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu. It is an independent academic institution established in 2005 to provide needs-based management education.

The college focuses on the development of management and consultation to facilitate the growth and development of managers with entrepreneurs and business leaders in South Asia as it is emerging as the most dynamic Asian regional economic center for global trade and technological innovation.

One of SAIM College’s main strengths is its faculty members who are well qualified and experienced with adequate exposure to their areas and are constantly kept up-to-date on their expertise through research, consulting, and training. The faculty aims to help students explore the latest management thinking so that they gain knowledge, skills, and understanding of all critical areas of general management. Inviting CEOs such as visiting professors from renowned business companies and academic institutions from home and abroad to share their experiences with students and provide them with a practical insight into management issues is common practice at SAIM.


Competent SAIM graduates have already held top positions in various business organizations, such as Chaudhary Group, Sipradi Trading, D2Hawkeye Nepal and more. In addition to the regular courses and all, SAIM College has also placed great emphasis on various other methodologies for providing knowledge to students.

They invite a number of renowned professionals to give guest speakers, conduct management development programs, career advice, seminars and more. SAIM also offers consulting services to the Nepalese government and other international agencies on various topics.

The deserving student can obtain a tuition waiver. To request the tuition exemption, the student must first request it by completing the Research Assistantship request form.

Academic programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  2. MBA (Global Business)


  1. Develop managers with strong management knowledge, skills and values ​​along with leadership qualities and a positive attitude.
  2. Build practical and relevant curricula based on sound theory and based on regional case studies and experience sharing.
  3. Motivate students to get the best of themselves and encourage creativity, innovation and effective team building.
  4. Instill creativity and innovation in the faculty through continuing education, teacher development programs, consulting, and research. Forge institutional and joint ventures with world-renowned institutions.
  5. Foster close ties with the business and academic community in South Asia and elsewhere.
  6. Make learning and life at the Institute a unique experience for all participants and provide them with a sense of camaraderie and friendship that encompasses all cultures and religions.
  7. Develop managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs with a strong sense of integrity and commitment through the creation, preservation, and dissemination of knowledge.
  8. Help graduates identify the most appropriate career choice for them, considering their personality and interest, and help them make a successful transition from school to the real job market. Through its corporate ties, the Career Orientation and Placement cell also facilitates the placement of your graduates.

Facilities and Services

  1. SAIM College has spacious classrooms that are well lit.
  2. All professors, lecturers and professors are highly qualified and recognized in their respective fields and are available at all times during college hours. The college is located in a quiet environment where students can learn quietly.
  3. SAIM College also has a canteen that serves delicious and healthy food. Besides this, the college also has a court area where students can participate in various sports such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, soccer, etc.
  4. There is a high-speed Internet facility available at SAIM College for all college faculty and students and also an electronic library facility that helps them obtain required study material on the go. There are computer labs available for students who do not have their own laptop that are also connected to the internet service and have the latest software installed.
  5. SAIM College also offers transportation facilities for those who live on and off the Beltway, within the Valley.
  6. In addition, there is also a well-stocked library with many books, resources, magazines, previous question articles, and final articles selected from the first at SAIM College to help students achieve better academic grades. Business and Learning Management Environment at SAIM College.

Scholarship Schemes

SAIM offers tuition waivers to students who pass their class based on final exam results. However, this is valid only for the particular term. In addition, the college also offers few scholarships to deserving students.

Uniglobe College

Every student has their own dream college for their dream subject, everyone gets confused while exploring colleges in Nepal among all crowded colleges and universities. Among their dream colleges, Uniglobe college may fall. It was established in 2009 A.D. in affiliation with Pokhara University which was located in New Baneshwor.

Currently, the college runs management programs with academically strong promotion team members who have demonstrated a track record of success in educational entrepreneurship in Nepal. they have been dedicated to providing quality education to Nepalese students from all walks of life with their affordable fee structures, flexible course structures, and a team of highly qualified educators.

The academic and management team at Uniglobe College has extensive experience in their respective fields. Uniglobe College’s teaching team is highly competent, dedicated, and recognized in the academic field. It is led by Prof. Dr. Radhe Shyam Pradhan, a renowned professor of Finance in Nepal and a Fulbright Visiting Faculty from Florida State College, USA. The college also organizes guest lectures and training sessions for renowned professionals and personalities and conducts many skill-building activities inside and outside the college for practical exposure to students.

Why Uniglobe?

There are several distinct characteristics that separate Uniglobe College from its competition. These are some of the hallmarks of Uniglobe College.

  1. Highly qualified teachers trained at various renowned foreign universities.
  2. High emphasis on improving students’ skills to make them competent in the global world.
  3. The college has maintained virtual classrooms to keep track of attendance, courses, assignments, and others.
  4. Prioritize additional activities such as case analysis, guest lectures, industry tours, management festival, and more to further enhance student capacity.
  5. Keeps students up-to-date on opportunities and the job market to help them select and land a job.


Uniglobe College envisions being a learning center of national and international reputation, recognized for its academic and professional excellence in research, management and economics.


  1. Develop managers, entrepreneurs, and market leaders through market-friendly with accessible flexible and innovative academic programs.
  2. Develop graduates in management who are capable of understanding local, national and international business needs and serving accordingly
  3. Develop researchers in the area of ​​management and economics.

Academic Programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI)
  3. MBA Finance
  4. Master of Business Administration (MBA)


  1. Develop management graduates at various stages with robust management knowledge and skills and values ​​along with positive leadership qualities.
  2. Mount creativity and attention in students through personalized and nurturing motivational approaches;
  3. Make learning and life in college a wonderfully enjoyable experience for our students to develop a strong sense of friendship and brotherhood;
  4. Establish relationships with universities, research institutes, and corporate organizations in Nepal and abroad to enhance academic excellence, research, and education.

Facilities and Service

Uniglobe College offers all the resources and services that add value to its programs from a modern college building to well-equipped computer rooms, an information resource center and a cafe. All of these resources have been properly designed to allow students to perform better in everything they do. The virtual classroom maintains and updates records of each and every one of the students. The Uniglobe Information Resource Center addresses the information needs of both students and faculty. It contains more than 6000 volumes of relevant textbooks, international subscriptions such as Harvard Business Review, Business Week and other newspapers and magazines. The college also offers high-speed Internet services.

The college cafeteria serves different varieties of food at an affordable price. A variety of local and continental menus are served in the dining room. In addition, Uniglobe College has ensured the availability of a sophisticated computer lab that is equipped with name-brand computers, multimedia, and unlimited Internet services during college hours. All computers are connected to the Internet through a dedicated line, meeting the needs of 200 students at a time.

Thames International College


Thames International College is recognized as a high-quality academic institution offering a variety of undergraduate programs. It is among the demanding colleges in Kathmandu, Purano Baneshwor, with a diverse society where the college can include students from all corners of Nepal. Thames International College consists of two schools based on the field of study, the School of Business and Technology and the School of Social Sciences.

The School of Business and Technology currently offers Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Business Administration (BBM), Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) and Bachelor of Information Management (BIM), Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA)). The College of Social Sciences offers Bachelor’s courses including Bachelor of Social Work, Bachelor of Rural Development, Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication, Bachelor of Sociology, and Bachelor of Psychology.

Thames International College has earned a reputation not only for its educational excellence, but also for the total dedication of experienced scholars.

Thames International College has focused on preparing students to face real-world challenges and facilitating students how to make appropriate decisions independently. Special classrooms are established to enhance the interactive learning of students.

Why Thames?

There are numerous reasons for choosing this college. First of all, the testimonies of the alumni are very good. Many of them have been able to face various challenges and are very happy to have been part of the college. The college is driven by the ideologies and strategies of professional leaders. The college has a student-centered environment and encourages students to explore on their own.

Due to its impressive performance and track record, Thames College has managed to win several awards. It has recently been ranked among the best BBA Colleges in Nepal. In addition, it has also been able to win the Best Undergraduate Business School (BIM) Award in 2014. This college is very focused on Extracurricular activities as well as the regular course matters.

There are many general education programs and liberal arts programs that students are asked to participate in. The college prioritizes practical skills and knowledge by engaging students in various group assignments and projects. They, together with the students, participate in various social works. Students are guided throughout the course, including in their internship and internship program.

Academic programs

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  2. Bachelor of Social Work (BASW)
  3. Bachelor of Arts
  4. Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)
  5. Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
  6. Bachelor of Information Management (BIM)
  7. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (BJM)
  8. Bachelor of Psychology (BPSy)
  9. Bachelor of Rural Development (BRD)
  10. Bachelor of Sociology (BSO)


  1. Emphasize the development of self-learning skills among students.
  2. Provide many challenges for students to improve their skills and creativity.
  3. Help students acquire knowledge of both management and technology.
  4. Provide students with broad knowledge and in-depth study in the specific area of ​​interest.
  5. Encourage them to become independent and self-reliant individuals with the motivation and skills to continue their personal and professional development during the program and after they have graduated from Thames.
  6. Prepare students to become socially responsible citizens for a meaningful contribution to society.
  7. Encourage questioning, challenge, critically reflect, discuss and comment on the concepts and structures that frame current practices.

Facilities and Services

  1. Thames college provides a platform for students to enter and start programs that spark their interest. Whether managing a student club, incorporating co-curricular, extracurricular activities, recreational programs, or starting a social project, the Office of Student Affairs ensures that student ideas are considered.
  2. Students will have the opportunity to participate in an introductory seminar that is designed to make their transition to college smooth and more enjoyable. Administration, faculty, philosophy, policies, resources, and opportunities for student involvement in college will be introduced to students.
  3. Students will be assigned an Academic Advisor in their freshman year to ensure they have access to information and services that will help them be successful in college. Academic advisors will meet with students at regular intervals and help them create personalized success plans to achieve their academic goals.

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