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Information Technology (IT) courses in Nepal have been a new choice of students in Bachelor’s level and Intermediate level. Information technology is a terminology that includes a broad aspect of science from management, possession and processing to the evaluation and analysis of information and related technologies. IT professionals are the ones behind the success and optimization of recent technologies such as the Internet, computer software and hardware, programs etc. It won’t be incorrect to say that IT is becoming a part of our life and lifestyle in ways that we may or may not be aware of.

There are so many Colleges and Institute in Nepal for IT programs but If you are exploring Top IT colleges among them all Institute, you may know details of Top 10 IT colleges and institute below:

1. Institute of Engineering: Pulchowk Campus

If you are exploring the Best college for Information Technology in Nepal, you may visit the Central campus of Institute of engineering known as  Pulchowk campus which has been offering undergraduate courses in various engineering disciplines since 1984 (2041 BS).It was established in 1972 (2029 B.S) as one of the constituent campuses of the Institute of Engineering and is situated in the heart of the city of Lalitpur in Pulchowk. Initially, it was started for the production of labor at the commercial level to meet the needs of the nation in the field of engineering.

The Pulchowk campus has offered diploma-level courses (three-year-long intermediate level) in various engineering disciplines since 1973 (2030 BS), but diploma-level courses are now phased out. Until 1984, the Pulchowk campus was involved in the production of low to medium level engineering workforce in the fields of civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, and architecture. Realizing the national and global demand gradually, the country felt the need for engineering manpower at a higher level. As a result, four years of Bachelor of Civil Engineering were introduced in 1984. Gradually, Bachelor’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor’s degrees in Electronic Engineering started from 1994 (2051 BS), Bachelor’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Architecture started in 1995 (2052 BS) and the Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering started from 1998 (2055 BS). All of these Bachelor of Engineering (BE) programs were first introduced in Nepal.

Every year, the IOE conducts the entrance examination for the admission of Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science. programs. Eligible aspiring engineering students from across the country sit the entrance exam and only a select few have the opportunity to study engineering at the Pulchowk campus on the basis of merit. In recent years, the toughest competition has occurred in the entrance exam among students for admission to the Pulchowk campu. Like, the pulchowk campus has a well-organized structure. Self-regulating each program has been designated to the respective departments.

As of 2020, Pulchowk Campus offers the following engineering fields:

Undergraduate programs (Bachelor level)

  1. B.E. (Computer Engineering)
  2. B.E. (Electrical engineering)
  3. B.E. (Electronic, Communications and Information Engineering)
  4. B.E (Civil Engineering)
  5. B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)
  6. B.E. (Chemical engineering)
  7. B. Arch (Architecture)
  8. B.E (Aerospace Engineering)

Graduate programs (Master level)

  1. M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering in Civil Engineering.
  2. M. Sc. In Management of Technology and Innovation in Mechanical Engineering and supported by CARD.
  3. M.Sc. in Transportation Engineering
  4. M.Sc. Program in Disaster Risk Management in Civil Engineering and supported by CDR.
  5. M.Sc. in Urbanism in the Department of Architecture.
  6. M.Sc. in Water Resources Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering.
  7. M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering.
  8. M.Sc. in Renewable Engineering in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  9. M.Sc. in Information and Communications Engineering in the Department of Electronic Engineering.
  10. M.Sc. in Power Systems Engineering in the Department of Electrical Engineering.
  11. M.Sc. Construction Management Program in the Department of Civil Engineering.
  12. M.Sc. in Computer Systems Engineering and Knowledge Management in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering.
  13. M.Sc. in Planning and Management of Energy Systems in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.
  14. M.Sc. Climate Change Program dependent on the Department of Sciences and Humanities.
  15. M.Sc. Materials Science Program in the Department of Sciences and Humanities.
  16. M.Sc. Applied Mathematics Program of the Department of Sciences and Humanities.

Main Objective of campus

  1. To be a world-class engineering education institution with world-class role models.
  2. Provide education and research in quality engineering in frontier engineering areas that are mainly relevant to the nation.
  3. Academic Programs: Through enhanced academic programs on education, research papers, training programs, exams, and assessment, develop new knowledge at the forefront of engineering and technology that improves the well-being of people and society.
  4. Promotion of engineering policies: By promoting engineering policies, developing leadership on emerging engineering issues, and addressing national development issues
  5. Rules and regulations: Through the mandatory implementation of rules and regulations, improve the management and leadership skills of teachers, staff and students, make optimal use of resources and infrastructures.
  6. Resource planning: Through resource planning and fund management obtain the financial sustainability of the campus
  7. Technology transfer: Through international collaboration and joint programs, improve mechanisms for technology transfer and capacity building.

Key Goals

Pulchowk Campus has the following goals with measurable results in the areas of research, education and excellence in resources:

  1. Improve academic excellence
  2. Reflection group on research and development
  3. Improved work environment
  4. Financial sustainability
  5. Collaboration and cooperation
2. Kathmandu University (K.U): School of Engineering

The engineering degree offered by the University of Kathmandu is another of the best engineering degrees in Nepal that is recognized worldwide. Among them engineering degrees, Information of Technology has been the most Important sector Since many decades ago which has been explored by most students in Nepal after Pulchowk campus  It is one of the best universities in Nepal due to its high level of academic excellence. After Pulchowk, many students choose this university to obtain an engineering degree. The university offers the various undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs in engineering and also in other faculties. It has been offering chemical, electrical, computer, electronic, civil engineering and geomatics engineering. The complete list of engineering colleges in Nepal is incomplete without mentioning the University of Kathmandu. If students miss out on studying at Pulchowk Campus, they often turn their interest towards Kathmandu University. This place offers various undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs for engineering and other colleges in addition to the usual engineering options, K.U. Includes chemical, electrical, and geomatic options for your students. Kathmandu University is an autonomous, non-governmental destination established to maintain high academic standards. The University is located in a quiet environment 30 kilometers from the capital city.

Undergraduate programs

  1. BE (Electrical and Electronic Engineering)
  2. BE (Computer Engineering)
  3. BSc (Computer Science)
  4. BE (Civil Engineering with a specialization in Hydropower)
  5. BE (Geomatics Engineering)
  6. BE (Mechanical Engineering)
  7. BE (Chemical Engineering)
  8. BTech (Environmental Engineering)
  9. BArch (Architecture)
  10. BSc (Computational Mathematics)
  11. BPharm (pharmacy)
  12. BTech (Biotechnology)
  13. BSc (Environmental Sciences)

Graduate Programs

  1. Master of Engineering in Computer Engineering
  2. Master of Technology in Information Technology
  3. Master of Engineering in Electrical Power Engineering
  4. Master of Engineering in Communications Engineering
  5. Master of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering
  6. Master of Engineering in Structural Engineering
  7. Master of Science / Engineering in Sanitation Technology
  8. Master of Science / Engineering in Geoinformatics
  9. Master of Land Administration


  1. The School of Education envisions the transformation of Nepal’s educational landscape through a high-quality holistic teacher education program and plays a critical role in developing teachers.
  2. The mission of the school to prepare competent teaching professionals, committed to the context, innovative and progressive in their perspective to improve the educational processes in Nepal. In addition, the School also aims to train educational leaders who can generate a transformation at the tertiary, secondary and primary education levels.
  3. Furthermore, the School of Education has been a pioneer in interdisciplinary courses at the university level with the collaboration of other Schools such as the School of Sciences, the School of Engineering, the School of Administration and the School of Arts.
  4. In addition, the School also aims to train educational leaders who can generate a transformation at the tertiary, secondary and primary education levels. Development professionals are believed to be critical to achieving transformation in their respective industries.
3. Islington College

When we are searching for Best IT college in Nepal, Islington College may fulfill your dream requirements criteria. Islington college was established in 1996 and has grown into a leading brand in the field of business and IT education. Exceptional degree programs are offered in direct association with London Metropolitan University, UK. Islington College offers bachelor’s and master’s programs in information technology and business administration.

 They have been providing all the necessary skills that an individual requires to achieve success through an updated course that students will benefit from developing those ideas and implementing them in real life. Islington College strives on its journey by focusing on maximizing its potential and achieving its ambition with the guarantee of improving technical competencies among students.

This college offers bachelor’s and master’s programs including Bachelor of Computing, Bachelor of Computer Networking and IT Security, Bachelor of Multimedia Technologies, BBA, and Master of Information Technology (MSc. IT).

Islington College has been challenging and has turned shy high school graduates into a professional leader. Your winning culture defines the attitude and behavior required to make the vision come true. Added to that, the teaching methodology is completely different; students are taught practical skills along with solid theoretical knowledge. Islington College nurtures its students with the help of experts and guides them to experience the relevant vibrancy of the industry in terms of its learning module. This will help students cultivate and develop a structure of competence, knowledge, and individuality that will help them fit into the future world.

Academic programs related to the field of IT

  1. Bachelor of Computer Science
  2. BSc in Multimedia Technologies
  3. BSc in Mobile Application Development
  4. BSc in Computer networks and computer security
  5. MSc. IT and Applied Security

Programs related to Business Studies

  1. Bachelor in Accounting and Finance
  2. Bachelor in Business Administration (Finance with International Business)
  3. Bachelor in Business Administration (Marketing with International Business)
  4. Master in Business Administration


  1. To balance your work and continue your education, simultaneously.
  2. To nourish students with the help of experts and guide them to experience the relevant vibrancy of the industry in terms of their learning module.
  3. To inspire innovation and create practical experience and also offer multidisciplinary knowledge and skills with your official training partners.
  4. To provide general education in the field of computing which has been designed for those students who aspire to specialize in the development and maintenance of modern computer-based systems.
  5. To focus on the technical and non-technical skills that are required for a graduate to demonstrate their professional attitude and work successfully in the areas mentioned above.
  6. Enabling students with a wide range of careers within a financial sector and risk management to corporate finance and accounting, and trading.
  7. Allow students to configure their theoretical, technical and practical skills that are mandatory in this current area of ​​economic growth.
4. Softwarica College of Information Technology and E-commerce

Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce is the first college to introduce British education in Nepal in 2010 and provides Best Quality Education in the IT sector. It is one of the few authorized local Cisco system academies, USA This college is for students seeking to obtain a British qualification. It is located in Charkhal, Dillibazar, Kathmandu with a very large university complex. Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce has well-equipped computer labs with broadband internet connection, virtual classrooms, seminar room with audiovisual facilities, and ultra-modern classrooms for students finishing the final year of their bachelor’s degree. Due to these unique characteristics, this college is different from other private schools in Nepal.

The degree provides you with the ability to meet the challenges and responsibilities of computer professionals, as requested by the hiring computer industries. It provides two courses, the academic course and the global certification course. In the global certification course, Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce offers Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), EC Council, USA, Certified Secured Computer User (CSCU) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).

Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce offers services for students such as internships / placements. Scholarship for students according to their academic evaluation to encourage them to study even better and get good scores on the NCC exams. Students will have classrooms with audiovisual, multimedia and computer facilities to support electronic learning in class; Library, IT labs, high-speed Wi-Fi, free online campus and social space and student portal.

Academic programs

  1. B.Sc. Computing
  2. Bachelor’s Degree in Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity


  1. To provide Training to develop the technical and personal skills that are essential to participate in the design, implementation and management of modern computer systems.
  2. To focus in further strengthen the quality and employability of its students in the Information technology field.
5. Deerwalk Institute of Technology

If you are looking for Best IT college in Nepal then you may look for details of Deerwalk Institute of Information technology. Deerwalk Institute of Technology is a US-based software company that collaborates with Nepalese entrepreneurs. Nepalese and American professionals run this institution with the aim of providing quality education to Nepalese society. It gives more emphasis on the practical basis of the work together with the theory. Therefore, students receive not only a degree certificate, but also 4 years of practical work experience. Students are also involved in the field of sports, the arts, music, social service, travel, documentaries and films, the media, etc. Students get bored if they are only made to concentrate on their studies. Additional activities are also important in our life. These additional activities also make students more interested in their studies. It also helps develop self-confidence.

Deerwalk Institute of Technology offers the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (Bsc.CSIT) course which is affiliated with Tribhuvan University (T.U).  Students have the opportunity to study two non-credit courses that include Java programming language and English for five semesters. Non-credit courses are included so that students can improve their skills more effectively. Learning JAVA programming language from the ground up makes you more adept at learning any programming language by getting the complex idea of ​​making the software applications.

It also provides training in programming languages, database programming, power workshops and office kits, and basic database training for graduates. Training refers to non-academic facilities provided by IT training institutions. The duration of the training periods is in months. Fees apply based on courses selected by students.

Academic program

  1. B.Sc. CSIT
  2. Bachelor of Public Accountant (BCA)


  1. To provide excellent facility in IT sector study. Therefore, the university only offers subjects related to information and technology.
  2. To promote the creation of new ideas both in the project and in the professional career.
  3. To contribute to fostering a greater interest in the field of academic studies related to information and technology.
6. Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT)

The Nepal College of Information Technology (NCIT) also has been Providing its Quality education to students in Nepal. It was established in 2001 with the aim of providing quality education in the different fields of engineering. Affiliated with Pokhara University, NCIT has made a name for itself as one of the leading institutions in Nepal for engineering degrees and currently offers Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. NCIT College has a team of dedicated and experienced professors and non-teachers who work to deliver academic excellence in Nepal. Nepal College of Information Technology is located in Balkumari, Lalitpur with easy access.

The courses and curriculum are designed and planned according to the needs and demands of contemporary and future requirements for socio-cultural and professional life in the fields of engineering and management. The university is always committed to strengthening and expanding its academic programs and guiding students to the right path through the proper advice, guidance, and support.

Nepal College of Information Technology focuses on empowering students through its intensive and modern approaches to teaching and learning so that students can gain a deeper understanding and technical knowledge on the subject. This helps broaden your horizon and excel in your particular field of study, ultimately leading to further boost your academic strata in the engineering sector.

Academic Undergraduate programs

  1. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  2. Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
  3. Bachelor in Computer application
  4. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  5. Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic and Communication Engineering
  6. Bachelor in Civil Engineering

Graduate programs

  1. Master of Computer Engineering
  2. Master of Computer Information System
  3. Master of Computer Science


  1. Empower students with in-depth knowledge, technology experience, and subject-related training so they can perform well in a competitive market.
  2. To attain the highest proficiency in Academic and professional skills.
  3. To focus on providing lifetime learning experience to the NCITian and ensuring that four years at NCIT will enhance students’ inner strength and broaden their vision of the world as an engineer.
  4. Provides an excellent educational facility and helps a person explore and innovate in ever-changing socio-economic aspects.
  5. Increase the scope of the Bachelor of Software Engineering and other IT degrees.
7. Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences (GCES)

Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences was established in 2003 in the western region of Nepal which offers different courses on Information Technology Field. It is affiliated with Pokhara University and has been running successful Bachelor and Master Engineering programs with good grades. It is a non-profit organization. It has highly dedicated, talented, experienced, and qualified faculty members who are on their way to providing a quality education and showing students the path of success. Appropriate supervision and guidance are provided to each and every student so that they can perform well in their academic programs and also in the future. Gandaki College of Engineering and Science is located in Lamachaur, Pokhara, in a peaceful and friendly environment.

The vision of the college is: “To better respond to the changing needs of students and the engineering profession.” The College is experiencing a period of significant growth because it offers an impressive array of academic resources. The GCES family seeks to empower students to develop a passion for lifelong learning and nurture them by engaging their intellect, emotions, and natural curiosity. They develop the competence and motivation of the student in such a way that it will enrich self-esteem. Their daily work includes creating a safe and supportive environment in which all students can pursue academic and social learning experiences and develop their unique potentials. The College benefits greatly from the wide range of perspectives and talents brought by students, faculty, and staff from a variety of backgrounds. The College also offers a wide range of social, cultural and recreational activities in the hope that students will take a little time out of their studies to enjoy some of these benefits as well.

This college offers a Bachelor of Software Engineering (BESE) program in a Bachelor’s degree and a Master of Science in an Information Systems Engineering program in a Master’s degree.

Academic programs

  1. Bachelor in Computer Engineering
  2. Bachelor in Software Engineering
  3. Master of Information Systems Engineering


  1. To become a center of excellence and a resource center that contributes to the nation through excellence in scientific and technical education, knowledge creation, and research.
  2. Improve the well-being of economically and socially disadvantaged people in society through the creation and advancement of knowledge for students and professionals.
  3. Provide quality education in information and communication technology that encourages students to compete successfully in the field of technology.
  4. Cultivate a climate of intellectual discipline that encourages and facilitates both students and teachers with some scholarships for students, and thus prepare engineering professionals with knowledge, values ​​and skills that allow them to make a significant contribution to the country.
  5. To fulfill students’ mission with a deep concern for the socially and economically disadvantaged members of your community.

Facilities provided by the college

  1. Cultural programs of song, dance, poetry, theater and many more are organized. The Gandaki College of Engineering and Science also hosts a college picnic, industry tours, workshops, and annual programs.
  2. Internal assessments, regular assignments and presentations are given so that students are able to appear on the board exam.
  3. Transportation and dining room are also available.
  4. Software seminars and contests are held inside and outside the university premises to further advance the study of patterns, as the study of software requires more practice and advanced knowledge.
  5. The hostel is available for students residing outside Pokhara.
  6. The main attraction would be the library where all academic textbooks are available along with magazines and magazines, as well as in a clean and spacious area.
  7. The computer labs are well equipped and maintain the software and hardware to advance the configuration of the Gandaki College of Engineering and Sciences.
  8. Extracurricular activities related to sports and cultural programs are carried out. The university has a sports field where you can play basketball, soccer, volleyball, badminton, cricket, and table tennis.
8. KIST College

KIST college also offers Quality Education in Information Technology in Nepal as per your desire. It was established in 1995, KIST is now also become one of the best +2 universities in Nepal offering high-level NEB + 2 science and management courses, a range of high-quality bachelor’s degrees (BBA, BIM, BIT, BBS and BSc in microbiology) followed by excellent master’s degrees – MBS and MSc Microbiology.

KIST has unquestionably an excellent academic atmosphere with a pragmatic, student-centered and caring approach. Top-notch campus amenities plus well-managed transportation facilities attract top students. Additionally, a cafeteria and separate shelters for boys and girls are available on this central campus. Regular and fast public transport is always available a few hundred meters away

They provide excellent facilities, such as a modern, well-stocked library with a useful add-on, an electronic library, catering to all learning needs and probably the best-equipped laboratories. In particular, this institution has a secure, well-designed and specially designed infrastructure so that everything on campus supports the education of students and their overall development.

The College, although located in the center of the city, exudes peace and positivity with its pleasant and peaceful premises next to the healthy large Kamalpokhari pond. It has a spacious property more suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. Extensive opportunities for extracurricular or co-curricular activities or events are available for students to have a happy life on campus.

Above all, it highlights the spirit of the university for all it does to transform students at all levels: +2, bachelor’s and master’s, these goals through pastoral care, academic and career counseling, and fostering academic skills along with life skills. KIST is a successful motivator to promote your educational or career goals and life goals. Offering all levels of education present in Nepal, KIST helps students shape their own future just as approved graduates did. KISTians feel that studying at KIST has been an extraordinary journey that they will remember for a lifetime.

IT-related academic program

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology

Other programs

  1. Bachelor of Information Management
  2. Bachelor of Business Sciences
  3. Bachelor of Business Administration
  4. B. Tech Food Technology


  1. To make students confident and capable enough to face global challenges.
  2. To create competent graduates both in the scientific and business sectors.
  3. To provide a dynamic education that connects students with their dream.
  4. To help students to grow outside of studies, as well as help them develop qualities such as leadership, teamwork, dedication, time management skills and many more that will help them be efficient in their future life.

Facilities provided by KIST College

  1. KIST encourages young people to serve society in as many ways as possible through donating blood, disaster relief, sanitation, etc.
  2. The college has a digital networking environment and a continuous stream of Internet along with well-equipped computer labs.
  3. The KIST library consists of standardized textbooks and general reading books. There is an extensive collection of reference books and electronic library / electronic devices.
  4. The KIST cafeteria offers students healthy and affordable food and beverages.
  5. Organize games like table tennis, cricket, badminton, futsal, and basketball to give to students.
  6. The college has several clubs, including arts and literature and administration.
  7. The college has spacious grounds for indoor and outdoor activities.
  8. The college offers students various co-curricular activities to enhance their personalities and academic profiles.
9. Saint Xavier’s College

St. Xavier’s College was established in 1988 AD, and a Catholic educational institution in Nepal run by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). This college offers not only intermediate level educational courses (+2 and A-levels), but also offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in various subjects such as natural sciences, business, social sciences, and humanities. Among them, IT is one field which may be best for students who have been searching for the best college of IT. The higher education degree courses are affiliated with Tribhuvan University and were first founded in response to a call in 1988 to all men and women who are intellectually competent and socially responsible.

St. Xavier’s College offers a unique atmosphere that allows quality education and character building to flourish. Students at St. Xavier’s College are not only taught subjects, but the institution focuses on developing responsible, competent, innovative, and informed young people of both genders who work for society. As an institution of higher education, St. Xavier’s College is not only committed to the dissemination of knowledge, but also to the creation of new knowledge, information and discourses. In order for the university to facilitate this type of philosophy, the university offers high-quality, research-oriented teaching / learning approaches, which has made it a highly sought-after institution in the country.

In addition to this, St. Xavier’s College has also started mandatory rural camps for all colleges. These camps help students to get an idea of ​​the complexity of the problems facing the country. Another important activity that has helped in the integral development of the students is the monthly conferences for undergraduate and graduate students with the Director. At these meetings, the vision and mission of St. Xavier’s College is clearly discussed and analyzed. Aside from academics, the university also emphasizes the importance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

Many different student clubs for undergraduate and graduate students currently operate on campus that help find new companies each year. This is to help them grow steadily within their field of expertise, as well as co-curricular activities at their level. Finally, St. Xavier’s College proudly displays all that it has accomplished over the years and still strives to create a new generation of leaders – men and women who will be capable enough to shape the future with vision, justice, compassion and charity, with concern for all human beings as one family.

IT-Related Academic program

  • B.Sc. CSIT

Other programs

  1. Bachelor of Information Management
  2. Bachelor of Arts
  3. Bachelor of Business Sciences
  4. Bachelor of Social Work


  1. Foster the Passion for Excellence
  2. Promote in Commitment to being compassionate
  3. Increase the innovative spirit
  4. Foster the ability to take risks and accept challenges.
  5. Stimulate Competence, Creativity and Leadership for the service of all.

Facilities provided by the university

  1. There are state-of-the-art laboratories for science faculties that are equipped with all the samples, chemicals and machinery necessary for an adequate experience of higher studies.
  2. The university has a large area full of greenery and a peaceful environment and gives students the impression that knowledge and learning are in the air.
  3. There is also a well-furnished library with many books, newspapers, newspapers, magazines, study materials, and previous work for the enthusiastic students.
  4. There is also an area for group discussion and individual study within the library itself, where students can hold meetings or do some individual research on topics of interest to them.
  5. St. Xavier’s College also has a large field where you can do various extracurricular activities such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, table tennis, relay races, and other sports.
10. Kathford International College of Engineering and Management

Kathford International College of Engineering and Management is also one of the Engineering College but It also offers Quality Education in IT field in different departments which is affiliated with Tribhuvan University with diverse engineering and management programs. This college was established in 2003, is located in Balkumari, Lalitpur, and offers engineering programs such as civil engineering, computer and electronic engineering, communication and information engineering. It also offers the BSc.CSIT program and the BBA program. All of these programs are affiliated with Tribhuvan University. In 2018, the university obtained three new programs: Electrical Engineering, BBM and BCA. Kathford offers much more than BCA. It offers BCA + to students that includes the entire Tribhuvan University affiliated BCA curriculum along with career skills through integrated industry-oriented specializations such as e-commerce, cloud computing, business analytics, and mobile computing.

Kathford College of Engineering offers you a Bachelor’s degree program in Computer Engineering that covers both electrical engineering and computer science. Additionally, this program combines the principles and techniques of those areas for computer systems development and helps you to shape your skills broadly.

Kathford is home to over 1000 students and has already produced 11 lots in BBA, 9 lots in Engineering programs and 8 lots in BSc.CSIT. Kathford boasts of his enormous diversity of students and teaching expertise. There are many full and part-time faculty members who are dedicated to helping and supporting students in their studies, exams, projects, fieldwork, lab work, and competitions. Most of its graduate’s work in many large companies in Nepal and abroad.

Kathford International College of Engineering & Management focuses on practical teaching and learning methods and conducts regular field visits with seminars, workshops, interactive programs, as well as group discussion classes on a routine basis. In addition, the university helps its students to undertake internships and professional assistance in different companies and organizations.

Academic programs related to the field of IT

  1. BE in Computer engineering
  2. BE in Electronic and communications engineering
  3. B.Sc.CSIT
  4. Bachelor’s degree in computer applications
  5. BE in Civil Engineering

Programs related to Business Studies

  1. Bachelor of Business Administration
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBM)


  1. To become a leading educational center that provides transformative education for students, stimulating their curiosity and allowing them to turn their aspiration into a lasting foundation for success, social impact, and continuous learning.
  2. Help students to enhance their skills through deep knowledge related to Information Technology and work in a practical way.
  3. Produce students with high aspirations, confidence, and independence.

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