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Goldstar Shoes are best known for its durable, chic, and budget-friendly products. Goldstar presents you with great designs of shoes for men, women, and kids.

Whether it’s flip-flops, sandals, or gym shoes, we have everything from casual and sportswear to formal wear! Among the varieties of collections, Goldstar Classic, G10 Series, Haathi, Republic Leather, VIDA, etc., are a few of the top collections of Goldstar Shoes. 

So, be ready to shop online. We bet you won’t be able to resist the cool and comfy Goldstar Shoes. Here’s the link for the detailed process to get your favorite shoes delivered to your doorstep.

You can also get a discount using the coupon code provided by Goldstar Shoes on different occasions. 

Customers can get Rs. 300 cashback while making a purchase of Goldstar Shoes through IME Pay. This offer is available only if you pay using IMEPay and is valid until 30th June 2021. Hurry up!

(Note: This offer is only available if you buy Goldstar Shoes from the official website of Goldstar Shoes.)

How do I use a discount coupon code for Goldstar Shoes?

Goldstar Shoes provide its customers with continuing benefits. Learn what benefits are available and how to use them! But, how to find out about the latest coupons and offers?

  1. How to learn about the latest coupon code?
  2. Use the available coupon code.

1. How to learn about the latest coupon code? 

Open the website Goldstar Shoes and login into your account. Scroll down to the end, where you will see a subheading named “Blog” under the heading “Information.” Click on it!

Consequently, you will land on another page where you can find articles related to the latest coupon codes.

Each article will instruct on the terms and conditions, validity, and accurate benefits of the respective coupon code. 

To gain information on a particular coupon code, click on “Read more.” 

2. Use the available coupon code

Goldstar presents its customers with endless new offers, enabling them to get a discount on every purchase they make!

For instance, at the end of 2021, Goldstar shoes came up with the VIBER15 Coupon. But how to use it?

Login to your Goldstar Shoes account and select your favorite footwear. To purchase Goldstar Shoes, click the link given above and follow the procedure. On the landing page of the order summary, you will see “Apply Coupon” on the right side of the bottom.

Use the available code and click on “Apply“! After hitting “Apply” bottom, you will get the message as shown below. But remember to use the valid coupon! 

Click on “ok.” After that, you can see the coupon discount amount on the right side, as shown in the image below.

Then, hit the “Continue” bottom, present below the total price.

Moving on, you will land on the following page of Goldstar Shoes, i.e., Payment Options. You can choose any form of a digital wallet payment system.

Hit the bottom “Use It!”

Then, scroll the page down to the end, where you can see the bottom that says “Proceed Order.” Hit the bottom to complete your order.

Lastly, a new tab about the chosen digital wallet app will pop on your device. Go ahead, fill up the details and proceed.

Stay tuned for more information on other intriguing benefits, as we will be releasing new offers regularly!

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